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Coal Age, April 2006

Synfuel Technology: Future Fuels from Montana
- To make America less dependent on foreign oil, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer pushes for investment in synfuel technology
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Coal Age, January 2006

Prospects for Utah Look Good - The region enjoys its first boom in over a generation
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EnergyBiz Magazine, September/October 2005

The New Appeal of Illinois Coal
- In the 80's and 90's they died like flies.
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Coal Age, October 2005

Western Kentucky Thrives: - Independents and Big Boys Struggle to keep up with Increasing Demand and a Lack of Experienced Workers
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Coal Age, September 2005

Demand Returns to the Illinois Basin - Tougher environmental policy now bode well for the region
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ColoradoBiz Magazine, July 2005

Railroad Revival - Broe's Omnitrax, Others, Lay Track for 21st Century
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Coal Age, July 2005

PRB Round-up- Derailments and capacity problems put a strain
on Powder River Basin coal transportion.
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ColoradoBiz Magazine, June 2005

Heart of Gold: Colorado
- Denver now capital of U.S. gold industry
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ColoradoBiz Magazine, April 2005

Colorado Coal - Boom Yields Four Straight Record Years and $80,000 Miners
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Coal Age, April 2005

Night Hawk Opens Prairie Eagle - Plans for underground mine
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