picture of Lee Buchsbaum, Photographer & Writer

Background on Lee Buchsbaum

Lee Buchsbaum is a Denver-based freelance photographer and journalist who recently moved to Colorado from Carbondale, Illinois where he worked as a photographer-writer and exhibition developer for the Southern Illinois University's Coal Research Center. While there, Lee created four large traveling photo-text exhibitions that treated coal mining both in Southern Illinois and in various European nations.

Since 2003, Lee has written several successful grants. A mini grant from the Illinois Humanities Council helped assemble an exhibition of historical railroad photographs, and a subsequent major grant funded the "Coal Cultures Project." This award winning project and the traveling group exhibition series "Working in the Seams" has been shown at venues as diverse as the Illinois Capitol Rotunda, the Department of the Interior in Washington DC and The National Coal Mining Museum of the Czech Republic in Ostrava, CR.

In the last 24 months, Lee has published articles, essays and photographic and work treating coal, gold and hard rock mining, clean coal technologies, emerging energy technologies, regional histories of coal mining, international coal mining labor and cultural histories, steel manufacturing issues, emerging trends within the national railroad industry, and a treatise on the Midwestern small town and in The Colorado Biz Magazine, CoalAge, The Carbondale Nightlife, The Southern Illinoisan, Trains Magazine, Power Magazine, The Tulsa World, EnergyBiz Magazine, SIU Perspectives, and various periodicals, academic journals and several books.

Lee holds a Master's Degree in English, and is anticipating commendation of a Master's in Fine Arts (MFA) in Photography from SIU spring of 2006. He has taught several classes in literature, composition, as well as basic and documentary photography to both high school and university students.

Lee Buchsbaum, Photographer & Writer - Phone: 303-746-8172 - E-mail: lee@lmbphotography.com